Christological Typology in Genesis

Typology in the Old Testament is everywhere and it is particularly abundant in the book of Genesis. And this book is especially ripe with Christological typology. This is to be expected, given that the Lord Jesus himself explained in several places that the entire Old Testament was written to testify of Himself and His saving work on our behalf.

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Back to the Source: Ad Fontes and the Effect of Classical Humanism on Christianity

For centuries, it has been thought that classical humanism’s effect on Christianity was a negative one. Renaissance humanism was thought to be largely secular in its nature; creating such a high view of man that the only natural result would be a diminished view of God. However, more modern research has uncovered much religious thought among the humanists of the Renaissance.

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The Timeline of the Kingdom of God

A key component to understanding the “when” of the kingdom is to have a firm understanding of the way that the Bible talks about time and the way that it is divided. Scripture makes mention of two ages: the age that is and the age that is to come.

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