A God that is More than Love

A lot of the hard things in the Bible are resolved when you understand one thing: that God is not out to show His love to every single person, God is out to show His glory to every single person.

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A Few Thoughts Regarding the Death of Jarrid Wilson

I never met him, but I can’t quit thinking about the tragedy of it all. I had followed Jarrid for a few years on social media, had some brief interactions with him online, and was encouraged by his ministry and message. He was a constant advocate for those who struggled with mental health issues and

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Why My Wife is Not the Girl of My Dreams

Every Christian man hopes to find the perfect wife: a wife that loves the Lord, loves the church, supports her husband in his ministry, serves her family well, nurtures her children, respects her husband’s leadership, and is drop-dead gorgeous. This is the kind of woman that every man dreams of, or at least, the kind

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