Post Post-Modernism

If we work hard now, preaching and teaching the objective truth of Scripture in a way that allows people to see the need of holding the truths of the Bible as convictions rather than merely beliefs, then I think we can play a major role in shaping the coming form of Western thought that's looming on the horizon.

The Renovation of My Heart

I’m finding that the way of Jesus is actually that: a way of living that leads us to experience the greatest flourishing a human being can experience this side of heaven. And I’ve never been more optimistic about the future.

Just a Small Taste

Her question was sincere and desperate. She had been confronted with her sin, sin that left her ostracized by her community, sitting alone at a well at noon, talking with a Stranger making strange claims.

How Freedom Works

Happiness and freedom come at a cost, but the good news of the Gospel is that the cost is everything that actually robs you of happiness and freedom. True joy and lasting peace, both inwardly and outwardly, can be found in Christ and His Way. But we have to be brave enough to actually walk that path.