The Loudest Whisper

Elijah’s cave-encounter with the Lord shows us that God’s presence permeates the cracks of our lives. At times, that calm presence may only be able to seep in after a tumultuous fracturing takes place, after a mountain-slicing wind blows through, oozing out of the walls we’ve been confined to. And then, when all understanding seems lost, a peace that surpasses our confusion can be felt.


The rough, splintered wood scraped against her neck, raw and bleeding. Unable to take another step, she gave in to the weight of her crosspiece, allowing it to push her to the ground.


Love doesn’t think of its own, it doesn’t keep a record of wrongs, and it doesn’t pile a heap of expectations upon the recipient. But what love does do is require sacrifice from the giver. Baked into the act of love is pain.