Every Tear From Every Eye

And to me, with my face in His hands, His thumbs wiping away my tears; to me, who is neither good nor faithful, He will say, “Well done My good and faithful servant. Enter into your rest.”

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Heaven without God is Hell

What God told Israel, and what He’s telling us is that if we don’t want Him, then we won’t get Him. And if we don’t get Him, then we don’t get Heaven.

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…But Christ Will Shine Brighter Still

There’s something amazing here. Particularly, it’s a glory that is so magnificent that it makes all of the sufferings of these present times seem trivial when set side-by-side. And the shocking thing is that I am not at all minimizing the suffering that’s going on in the world. Things really are as horrible as they seem and probably even more so than we realize, but just as horrible as things are now, the weight of glory awaiting us will be a million times heavier.

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