A Few Thoughts Regarding the Death of Jarrid Wilson

I never met him, but I can’t quit thinking about the tragedy of it all. I had followed Jarrid for a few years on social media, had some brief interactions with him online, and was encouraged by his ministry and message. He was a constant advocate for those who struggled with mental health issues and

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The Problem of Poverty

Despite the lifestyle of most modern Christians, poverty is an ethical problem with which Christians need to deal. At least 80% of the global population lives on less than $10 a day. Where most Americans would consider making even $10 an hour as outrageous, the majority of the human race considers that kind of wage an abundance. This is certainly a Christian problem—and more heavily, it is an American Christian problem. Specifically speaking about American Christians, Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert remark that “by any measure, we are the richest people to ever walk on planet Earth.”

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If God is Not in Control of Your Pain…

One of the hardest issues to address in the Christian life is the issue of suffering. Countless words have been devoted to the topic, but no matter how much is said, it never seems that the right words are found. There are too many kinds of pain, too many types of suffering, and too much sorrow in the world that is unable to be explained or comforted by any one book, sermon, or blog post.

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