A Few Thoughts Regarding the Death of Jarrid Wilson

I never met him, but I can’t quit thinking about the tragedy of it all. I had followed Jarrid for a few years on social media, had some brief interactions with him online, and was encouraged by his ministry and message. He was a constant advocate for those who struggled with mental health issues and

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True Patriotism

Putting the Kingdom of God before the Kingdom of America gives us a mission that includes furthering the prosperity of America, but isn’t derailed by our failure to do so.

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…But Christ Will Shine Brighter Still

There’s something amazing here. Particularly, it’s a glory that is so magnificent that it makes all of the sufferings of these present times seem trivial when set side-by-side. And the shocking thing is that I am not at all minimizing the suffering that’s going on in the world. Things really are as horrible as they seem and probably even more so than we realize, but just as horrible as things are now, the weight of glory awaiting us will be a million times heavier.

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