1 - Bibliology: The Scriptures

Everything we discuss in this class will be derived from the Bible. Because of that we need to begin by understanding four characteristics of the Bible: its authority, its necessity, its sufficiency, and its clarity.

2 - Genesis: Trinity & Attributes of God

"In the beginning, God..." Any study of the history of redemption must begin where history itself began, with God. In this class we are exploring what it means that God is a Trinity and we are also taking a look at a few of His divine attributes.

3 - Creation: The World, Mankind, Angels & Demons

In this session we discuss several implications of God being our Creator, the intimate creation of mankind, and the various roles and activities of angels and demons.

4 - The Fall: Sin & Death

This session explores the fallen human condition and how sin affects our relationship with God.

5 - Incarnation: Jesus Christ

Probably the most important question that could be asked is "Who is Jesus?" The answer to that question is a matter of eternal life or death. This discussion is based on the Person of Jesus Christ: his humanity, his deity, and how these two natures interact with each other.

6 - Redemption Accomplished: Atonement

The atonement has many profound implications for us--too many to cover in our lifetimes, but here we spend time thinking about two major aspects of Christ's work for us: His active obedience in which He fulfilled the law on our behalf, and His passive obedience, in which He paid the penalty for our sin.

7 - Redemption Applied: Salvation

In this session, we walk through the order of salvation: election, effectual call, regeneration, conversion, justification, adoption, sanctification, perseverance, and glorification.

8 - Restoration: The Church & The Great Commission

The church is made up of all true believers for all time and has a threefold ministry: to worship God, nurture each other, and evangelize the world. This is a discussion of how each of these ministries are carried out by the church.

9 - Consummation: Return of Christ, Judgment, Heaven & Hell

Despite the mystery surrounding the end times, there are a few things for certain: Christ will return in triumph and glory, He will judge the living and the dead, and the ultimate destination for those who reject Him will be in the lake of fire, while those who receive Him will live forever with him in heaven.