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Don’t Mistake Experience for Growth

It’s a sad truth that many churches are full of people who have professed saving faith in Christ, attended and served faithfully for twenty to thirty-plus years, taught Sunday school, and read their Bibles, but have not been transformed at all. They’ve gained experience in doing Christian things but haven’t actually grown as a Christian. They've mistaken experience for growth.

They Beheld God, and Ate and Drank

God loves human nature. He declared it “very good” long ago, He assumed it 2000 years ago, and He indwells it now. The “image of the invisible God” was and is a living, breathing human being.

Unfading Joy and Immeasurable Strength: Eulogy for Lindsey Sinclair Oliver (1982-2012)

The purpose of this message is threefold. One, I want nothing more than for my precious Lord and savior to be glorified. I pray that He has been. Two, I so desperately want the legacy of my beautiful sister to be one of lasting effect. And three, this message is an invitation: an invitation to join my sister in her celebration of joy and strength.

A Worthy King

Isn’t it by giving us equal beauty that we would see Him as more beautiful? Isn’t it by giving us equal dignity that we would see Him as more dignified? Isn’t it by bestowing on us equal value that we would see Him as more valuable?

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No Glory without Suffering, No Suffering without Glory

“We will be glorified with Him, provided we suffer with Him” (Romans 8:17). In other words, there’s no glory without suffering, but there’s also no suffering without glory.



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REVIEW: Culture Shift

Albert Mohler, President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, is known for his commentary on current cultural issues. Although he has...

REVIEW: Nicholas & Alexandra: The Fall of the Romanov Dynasty

Overall, Nicholas & Alexandra is a masterpiece. It is a very enjoyable, intriguing, insightful, and fascinating read about an era of history that most people, including the author of this review, have probably not been introduced to before.

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