The Same as Yours

No need to ask for your share because these scars are the same as yours.

“…with you…”

Right now, at this moment, the exalted, glorified Christ, who has the entire universe at His disposal, is choosing to deprive Himself of a pleasure that He has every right to…”for you.”

Constant Danger

When we prioritize exposure over integration, we sacrifice our souls to a myriad of spiritual diversions and live in constant danger of death by a thousand distractions.

It Sure Would be A Blessing

Too often we only bless and praise results. Which, in our homes, churches, and businesses, can lead to a culture of people-pleasing, unhealthy competition, and burnout.

We’re All Heretics Now

We tend to associate bad doctrine with bad motives. It seems to be that we tend to lump together those who we consider to be teaching error into the group of “wolves” and “false teachers” and “heretics” without considering that they may just be in error.

The Cross-Pressured Life

Christians are secularized just the same as the secular are Christianized, but neither are either brave enough to admit it, or aware enough to articulate it.

31 Years: This Strange Tension

This strange tension is one that I’ve not yet come to fully embrace, but one I’m learning to appreciate more and more each day. And I’m finding I appreciate it now more this year than last year.


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