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Cultivating A Life Worth Living: The Details Behind My Digital Declutter

I’m not going to distract myself to death, and I’m not going to aimlessly and mindlessly wander through some digital world that robs me of experiencing this beautiful, divinely infused world God has placed me in. I’ve got to take control of my life rather than let my phone take control of me.

A God that is More than Love

A lot of the hard things in the Bible are resolved when you understand one thing: that God is not out to show His love to every single person, God is out to show His glory to every single person.

Alone Together: A Critique of Secular Humanism

It appears that there are systemic issues within the secular humanist philosophy that prevent meaningful community from developing, and thus prevent secular humanism from accomplishing it’s stated purpose.

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Worship in Spirit and in Truth

Jesus says that those who worship in spirit and in truth are “true worshipers.” So if we are going to fully understand what Jesus means, we have to explore what worship is, then we have to determine what it means to worship in spirit and what it means to worship in truth.



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REVIEW: Nicholas & Alexandra: The Fall of the Romanov Dynasty

Overall, Nicholas & Alexandra is a masterpiece. It is a very enjoyable, intriguing, insightful, and fascinating read about an era of history that most people, including the author of this review, have probably not been introduced to before.

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