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It Sure Would be A Blessing

Too often we only bless and praise results. Which, in our homes, churches, and businesses, can lead to a culture of people-pleasing, unhealthy competition, and burnout.

We’re All Heretics Now

We tend to associate bad doctrine with bad motives. It seems to be that we tend to lump together those who we consider to be teaching error into the group of "wolves" and "false teachers" and "heretics" without considering that they may just be in error.

31 Years: This Strange Tension

This strange tension is one that I’ve not yet come to fully embrace, but one I’m learning to appreciate more and more each day. And I’m finding I appreciate it now more this year than last year.

Blessed Are the Merciful, For They Shall Become More Alive

There’s no reason why I shouldn’t be serving a life sentence in prison right now. There’s also no reason why I shouldn’t be suffering from some incurable disease. There’s no reason why I shouldn’t be poor, destitute, and lonely.

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The Spirit is Willing, But the Flesh is Weak

What do we do when we find out that we are not as strong as we thought, but we are actually weak? What do you do when you are faced with the realization that you are not capable of living up to your own standard of success and godliness and strength?



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