Hi! I'm Kris

And that's my wife, Hayley, and my daughters, Lyla Rose (right), and Clara Lane (left).

I was born and raised in the pineywoods of Deep East Texas, spent three years in Memphis, TN attending Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary, spent one year in Lubbock, TX, and now reside in New Lebanon, OH where I serve at the First Baptist Church of New Lebanon as their Pastor of Worship and Discipleship.

I'm just a husband, father, and pastor who is trying to live a life that will still matter 10,000 years from now.

I am a Christian, and more particularly I am a Southern Baptist. I affirm the Five Solas, the Doctrines of Grace, and believer’s baptism by immersion as a few of the basic tenets of my faith, as well as the normative principle of worship and continuationism. If you would like to know more about what I believe, you can check my more detailed statement of faith, engage me in conversation, or just peruse the articles here on this site.