The Man Who Told Me All I Ever Did

“Come, see a man who told me all that I ever did. Can this be the Christ?” (John 4:29)

Those familiar with the story know that what Jesus confronted this woman with was her sin. Yet still she is compelled to run to everyone who rejected her and plead with them to come see this man who knew her so well. 

Caution thrown to the wind, reputation already shot, sin already out in the open, the pain already there and probably not going anywhere. But there was hope: “Can this be the Christ?” 

Hope. It’s hope that compels people toward mission and evangelism, just like this woman. Hope that Jesus has something that we desperately need: forgiveness, compassion, love, acceptance, warmth. Hope that He’ll be a friend. Hope that He’ll be a good, kind, and just King. Hope that He’ll be a powerful, mighty, protecting Lord. Hope that He’ll be a welcoming and affirming, yet transcendent and Holy God. All this and more we have in the God-man Jesus Christ. 

Christ told me all that I had ever done. It wasn’t pretty, and it wasn’t easy. One night, the Lord spoke forcefully into the condition of my heart, and He showed me everything that I was and I crumpled before Him. But when I lifted my head in shame, His posture was the opposite. There was no look of disappointment, no anger or sadness. He didn’t point any fingers or wave me away. Instead He extended broken, scarred hands to me, lifted me to my feet, and called me friend. I had realized that THIS was the Christ. 

And I had hope. Hope that He was everything He said He was. And that hope has never been taken from me or disproven, and this hope has compelled me to spend my life telling others to come see this Man who told me all I ever did.

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