REVIEW: Transgender (Talking Points)

Review It’s always wise to judge a book by what it claims itself to be. In the case of “Transgender”, Vaughan Roberts states that his purpose is not to present a thorough treatment of all the issues surrounding transgenderism, but “rather, our aim is to give you an accessible introduction to the many questions that surround

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REVIEW: Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart

  Review I believe that I may have the spiritual gift of faith. I became a Christian when I was 19 years old and there has not been a single time in my walk with Christ where I’ve ever doubted my salvation or God’s love for me. No matter what situation I’ve found myself in,

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What We Ought to Be

The pinnacle of human flourishing and fulfillment is not found in social status, acclaim, or the attainment of pleasure. For us to say such or to live in such a way proves that we don’t truly consider the humanity of Christ as the supreme example of what we ought to be.

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