The Cross-Pressured Life

Christians are secularized just the same as the secular are Christianized, but neither are either brave enough to admit it, or aware enough to articulate it.

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Is Experiencing Same-Sex Attraction Sinful?

Countless men and women fight a measureless battle to resist sin, intentionally choosing the harder path, and all to the glory of the Lord, trusting that His glory is a more worthy pursuit than their own desires. That’s biblical manhood and womanhood and, dare I say it, Christlikeness, at its pinnacle.

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What We Ought to Be

The pinnacle of human flourishing and fulfillment is not found in social status, acclaim, or the attainment of pleasure. For us to say such or to live in such a way proves that we don’t truly consider the humanity of Christ as the supreme example of what we ought to be.

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