Jesus Was a Good Man

Most of the time, we tend to focus on the divine nature of Jesus—the majority of our attention is given to the fact that Jesus was God in the flesh. But understanding the full humanity of Jesus helps us understand and relate to Jesus in ways that understanding His divinity cannot.

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With Him are Wisdom and Might

With God are wisdom and might, so walk in that truth today with the confidence that God knows what’s best for you and is actively working to bring it about, even now.

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Christ Who is Your Life

When we are assured that our Treasure will never be lost, generosity will abound. When we are assured that our Righteousness will never be taken away, holiness will become more appealing. When we are assured that our Sanctification will never depart form us, then the fight for purity will become easier. When we are assured that our lives will never end, then sacrifice for the Gospel becomes an easier decision.

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