A God that is More than Love

A lot of the hard things in the Bible are resolved when you understand one thing: that God is not out to show His love to every single person, God is out to show His glory to every single person.

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The Present Reality of the Kingdom

The Kingdom of God is the new reality that we must press in to. It’s not something that we are awaiting to come, it has already come. It’s not some flickering hope in the dim future, it’s currently within our grasp now.

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Peter Enns on Doctrinal Tensions

The Christian life is one of balance and the process of living in this balance brings tension. Living in constant tension is tiring and in a desire to bring release we can find ourselves tipping the scales in favor of one emphasis over the other. I suspect that this is the cause of much of our debate and disunity in the body of Christ, and I think we would be better served by acknowledging and being satisfied with the tension rather than seeking to relieve it.

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