Post Post-Modernism

If we work hard now, preaching and teaching the objective truth of Scripture in a way that allows people to see the need of holding the truths of the Bible as convictions rather than merely beliefs, then I think we can play a major role in shaping the coming form of Western thought that’s looming on the horizon.

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The Way and the Truth

Jesus taught us the truth to live by, and He showed us the way to live. He showed us the way and he taught us the truth. Jesus’ call of Levi in Mark 2:13-17 gives us a glimpse of both of these methods of Jesus and how they inform our discipleship to Him.

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REVIEW: Onward – Engaging the Culture Without Losing the Gospel

  Review I don’t suppose that there is a more important book for the American church today as it pertains to how we should engage the current culture. There has been a term thrown around everywhere lately that has been used to describe Moore’s writing and leadership: prophetic. There couldn’t be a more fitting word

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