How Low We Should Bow Before Him

He is God. We are His creation. He can do with us whatever He pleases in order to bring about His good and righteous plan. His desires and plans take precedence over ours. That’s what it means for God to be God, and that’s what it means for us to be servants of the King. He carries out His will and uses us to do it.

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If God is Not in Control of Your Pain…

One of the hardest issues to address in the Christian life is the issue of suffering. Countless words have been devoted to the topic, but no matter how much is said, it never seems that the right words are found. There are too many kinds of pain, too many types of suffering, and too much sorrow in the world that is unable to be explained or comforted by any one book, sermon, or blog post.

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The Fall: Sin & Death

Here we explore the effect that sin has upon humanity and our relationship with God, and also discuss how God is sovereign over human sin.

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